What are
Octos are the creation of Mother Sea.
Those sea-monsters are cute yet ruthless.

Each Octo is dedicated to one thing only: protecting the treasures of Mother Sea. One says that a few hardy Octos reached and conquered human land.

Their plan is simple; control the elements that rule humans. They have now taken control of most of the gaming universe.

However, their only weakness is their affiliation to the Solana Blockchain. If one manages to mint an Octo, he will be given its full and infinite control. The legend has it that owning an octo gives you the access to the sea treasures they are vowed to protect and hide.
Who are
Octo is the leading Play to Earn app on the trendiest PVP games such as Fortnite, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and many more. Play your favorite videogames, accumulate OctoCoins and get rewarded with prizes.

Octo community is huge with more than 2m downloads around the world and growing exponentially.